Reunion events included our Thursday night pizza party for early arrivals, a catered German dinner on Friday night, and a catered Mexican dinner on Saturday.  The only problem was we had so much food left over and were unable to find a shelter or church that wanted it.  All of those left over backed potatoes made me remember my senior class trip when we took yesterday's lunch and turned it into tomorrow's breakfast.  If you're wondering if there was a dress code, no there wasn't, but as you can see everyone liked the shirts Bill had chosen.  Even the weather in "sunny California" was reminiscent of Bitburg  - overcast and cool.  We even had a

few sprinkles one day.  For those of you who have never been to a reunion you would be amazed at the amount of memorabilia we have accumulated - everything from letterman jackets, prom invitations, & graduation programs to dance cards, shot records, ration cards and pictures.  As always with large events the unexpected happened.  Can you imagine one hundred plus people being told they had to be silent for 15 minutes for a wedding outside the "Teen Club"?  Since we are now adults and no longer teenagers we managed to obey.  And, while the caterers provided us was an abundance of food, they left us short on utensils, leaving some of the late arrivals for Friday's dinner trying, with little success, to eat wiener schnitzel with a spoon.  On Saturday night a security guard came by to tell us we had to quiet down by 11:30 as the locals were complaining.  Fortunately for us, he turned out to be a former "brat" and looked the other way.  The group grew daily, as more and more people dropped in, a few only staying for an hour or so, and some staying only for a day.  If you didn't stick close to the "Teen Club" you may have missed them.  As always the reunion was filled with lots of laughter, a few tears and many promises to stay in touch.  We've done our best to show everyone who was in attendance, but if your photo is missing you may have been one of the elusive ones.  We are still collecting reunion pictures and they will be posted with the rest of the reunion pictures when we get them. 


If you would like to see more pictures from the reunion, follow the link to Cammy's 2003 reunion photos.  Thanks, Camille, for all of your hard work!